Innovation Acta supports you in searching for the best financing strategy suitable for your project. Helps you to find the right partner for Consortium Construction, where we avail ourselves also on our proprietary database of Hight-Level contacts in scientific field.


Innovation Acta provides support in the organization and writing of the proposal and takes care of the formal submission of the proposal. Once granted, our aim is to support the management, the administrative issues, Progress reports preparation and submission. Legal assistance (grant agreements and consortium agreements preparation, Amendment Ethical Issues).


Innovation Acta's Grant Managers make an independent revision on the proposal project, further checking if the project fits with European call requests, thus increasing the probability of success for funding propopsals.


Innovation Acta supports the Coordinator in the Communication and Dissemination activities of the projects.
Innovation Acta’s competent and qualified staff will support the Consortium during the life-cycle of the project to achieve the following objectives:

• To communicate and disseminate the project results beyond the project partners to a large audience and potential users of the results, including the clinical/scientific community, the general public and patients, as they are a central target and the core of the PROJECT work;

• To facilitate and promote interaction with stakeholders (like patients and their families, clinicians and regulatory agencies etc.).

A project website implemented by Innovation Acta with an appropriate protocol for updating information on activities, techniques, and results of the project. It will be an information tool with a public facing section and a private section. Innovation Acta creates and manages the Social Account, using news and contents provided by all the consortium’s partners.


Innovation Acta create the visual identity of the projects including web design (graphics material and contents). In particular, Innovation Acta takes care of: Creation logo, document and slide templates, Illustrative graphs, posters, brochures and newsletters of the project.



Innovation Acta is very experienced in the organization of meetings, scientific events and congresses from strategic planning to coordination, operational execution, on-site management, evaluation and subsequent follow-up.

Choose where you would like the help, from all or some of these event services:

• Creation of conference program
• Online platform for meetings, webinar and courses
• Invitation ad registration of participants to include handling delegate bookings
• Banking fees and provision of financial reports
• Assistance in the finalization of the program
• Targeting meeting venues and locations
• Organization of travel and transfer services
• Reservation hotels, restaurants, catering services and social events
• Graphic material of the event as folders, agenda, logistic info, badges
• Technical and logistical assistance during the event
• Own Registration Tool personalized for the event
• Total event management
• Procedure for accreditation to the UEM and local professional entity
• Networking activity and team building organization during the event.


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