Innovation Acta

Innovation Acta is focused support in planning and realization of EU funding research programs.

We support private and public organization to participate in multi-national collaboration projects as well as for individual researchers and supports SMEs.

In the first step our mission is to support our Clients in the preparation of project applications.

We start with the identification of an appropriate financing strategy through the establishment of a successful consortia, then we provide the organization and writing of the proposal and finally we take care of the formal submission of the project.

In the second step the aim of our Staff is to support the management, the administrative issues, the communication and the dissemination of the project.

Innovation highlights


25-26 November 2019:
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pdf 1ATSM brochure

1 March 2019:
RESTORE officially starts
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16-17 January 2019:
NECESSITY Kick-off meeting
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1 January 2019:
NECESSITY offcially starts
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7-8 February 2019:
RESHAPE Kick-off meeting
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1 January 2019:
RESHAPE officially starts
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pdf Open position avaialble


10 December 2018:
INTEGRATA Kick-off meeting
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1 November 2018:
INTEGRATA officially starts
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